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Uncleparsnip Guitar Tabulature

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Q1. I paid for tabs but have not received them. Where are my tabs?.

A1. Tabs are usually sent within a few hours.

However, it can take up to 48 hours if I am away on business (which is not often) .

Tabs are emailed to the email address you have set up on your paypal account.

Tabs quite often get filtered in to your junk/spam email box - if you check in there you will probably find the tabs.


Q2. I have read A1 but I still don't have the tabs.

A2. Ok. Then you will need to contact me with the following information


        1. Your Paypal Transaction ID number (for proof of purchase)

        2. The email address that is set up on you Paypal account.

        3. The email address what you want me to send the tabs to.


Q3. Do you have tabs for other songs you have done on youtube?

A3. No, All the tabs I have made are on my website.


Q4. When will new tabs be available?

A4. I don't know. I just make tabs when I have the time and when I am in the mood.



If you still need to contact me, please email me at uncleparsnip@hotmail.co.uk